Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soft cold, cold rain

The first rain, much awaited by the region, has just begun to fall softly closing in on a truly freezing day in Lahore at midnight.
As I drink my third cup of tea today for some warmth (I rarely do three) and cozy up with some great reading, I pray for all those with no choice but to be out there experiencing every element of winter,by necessity or by poverty, may God keep them safe and warm.
One of my vague dreams is to be able to construct a shelter in Lahore for those who have none... so they may have a choice to come in for a meal and blankets.. and be safe from the streets.


Tahir Qazi said...

Inshallah your intention is beautiful Allaah swt give you reward and he always blesses and gives the chance and intend good for the others

Shana said...

Thank you.