Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Experimenting on my best friend's wedding

Above: the bride's hands on her mehndi, while she waited to go outside after signing her nikah
It was one of my best friend's wedding this past weekend. And a fun one at that. Armed with a determination to experiment with my brand new camera and get her some good giftable pics, I was right in the middle of it many times , but I didn't care, and the best thing was, my best friend would pose for me anytime, anyway, and let me be as crazy as I wanted to and do anything. I mean she's my friend for a reason, right?
Weddings are generally so staged and routine, look so much the same with the same kind of venue settings, that I appreciated anew the challenge to just get some different shots.
Now, since this was my first real time with a DSLR, I certainly didn't get the hang of it. And there is a lot of work to be done now...!

New blog on my shelf..!

I had come across this blog before, and the name caught my attention.. 'High heeled foot in the door' .

I like how it portrays an honest and witty account of the author trying to get her foot into the design industry. It's not much fun or guidance reading how mega successful people use their mega successes to launch yet another mega success.. Entrepreneur success stories are always a fun and fascinating and oft inspiring read for me, and this is somehow a firsthand current account of someone's journey. Okay, so for reasons related to her 'Martha Rules' posts, I found myself trying to take out time to read them on her blog today, and when you pick up a blog or book repeatedly to finish what you were reading, then it's up there on your shelf.. for as long as youre into it at least.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One hatched dream.

One happy development: I have taken steps closer to one of my dreams, by the Grace of God.
A photography class came my way, and I signed up :) I had already been scouting for a DSLR camera, and I got guidance there as well.
With an ordinary/point & shoot digital camera,here is my first assignment ..... Eggs.
Eggs, said my teacher; a photographer whose last name is synonymous with his studio established two generations ago, where legendary figures like the founder of the country Quaid-e-Azam came to get their portraits taken, eggs, he said, are the best subject to learn photography.I wasn't much surprised. My cousin, an artist, did her thesis with installations of hundreds of eggs....which totally deserves another feature, after her permission.