Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beautiful things said unintentionally..

Often people don’t even know what a beautiful and heart rending thing they have said, that flies straight from their heart to strike a chord in another person.

Shama works as a maid at our place. In her twenties, she doesn’t know her exact age like most others who were born into poverty, and life has not given her much choice but to work for a living since she was much younger.

‘Were you ever naughty in your childhood?’ I asked her this evening.

‘I don’t remember. I don’t remember anything at all from my childhood!’ she exclaimed, and then laughed. ‘All I do remember is one thing, that I would always be playing.’

I can’t explain why this is so beautiful and sad to me at the same time.

I know there are problems, but I can’t help have fun.

Imagine this. And then hope it doesn’t happen to you, except for the good part.
You finally step out of a prison.Out in the open, you’ve still got your burdens, your problems, your past, yourself to deal with and you’re clueless as to what next.
But while you stand there, look. You have time. A clock does not signify the same commands anymore.
There’s a blue sky, as marvelous as ever, but it’s suddenly got the power to capture your attention in a way that makes you grateful.
Those birds soaring, brilliant sunlight cutting through the cold air, they make you feel alive, and think up thoughts that if you could just grasp, would pull a Forest Gump of their own.
You hope you’ll come to feeling fresh and alive again.

A step back from stress, a step out of it, is a wonderful thing. Most for the fact that you can, without excuse, examine yourself and where you have faltered or decayed, and where you must go from here to be that better person you want to be. And not knowing the road you stand on on a beautiful day, and beating down fear, it’s a great place and time to start, and it should help get you there. A great friend can be a great help as a push, a guide or inspiration.

A gift : To be willing to enjoy simple everyday things, big and small, and to appreciate anew when you rediscover.