Thursday, August 21, 2008

A touch of glam in chic little tables

I found myself frustrated by the choice of bedside tables that I saw in the market and even online.. for my own room, I'd prefer something chic and glamorous... Something that isnt sidelined but is confident enough holding its own in style by the room's focal point.

I've decided on something like these mirrored ones above.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Displaying books in artsy ways

Oh, you don't have to own them all... Just a sense of appreciation.

Escape with tea-at-your-favorite-temperature and some pillows by a pretty window with a book you feel like reading, and there's only the question :

Did my passion for books make me search for the perfect decor that pays homage to them, or does the sight of a stylish space with books as a focus suddenly invite me to a childhood pleasure forgotten?

I like a contemporary approach to displaying books in shelves - rather than row upon row of books, I'd go for mixing beautiful art and objects in with a selection of books. Now that's a fun and crazy way to shop- 'Do you think this plate/hat/eccentric decoration piece would look good with my books??'  ;)

To illustrate (images from Domino):

Notice the famed photography prints placed on the floor. I like the silver vase as an element of interest, though I would like to balance this arrangement out for more interest.

There's something retro about the above image. Notice the colour coordination and deliberate stacking of books imperfectly to give a casual feel.

Above: Bold, unexpected and interesting with some colourful textiles thrown in!

Lots of books pile up to form a side table here - again, with some art. This is also a good, attractive storage solution. Just pile up books attractively in empty spaces - low piles under a table in your entryway or living room, by the window, or a few piles of varying heights with decorative objects such as lamps or a picture frame placed on top.