Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Displaying books in artsy ways

Oh, you don't have to own them all... Just a sense of appreciation.

Escape with tea-at-your-favorite-temperature and some pillows by a pretty window with a book you feel like reading, and there's only the question :

Did my passion for books make me search for the perfect decor that pays homage to them, or does the sight of a stylish space with books as a focus suddenly invite me to a childhood pleasure forgotten?

I like a contemporary approach to displaying books in shelves - rather than row upon row of books, I'd go for mixing beautiful art and objects in with a selection of books. Now that's a fun and crazy way to shop- 'Do you think this plate/hat/eccentric decoration piece would look good with my books??'  ;)

To illustrate (images from Domino):

Notice the famed photography prints placed on the floor. I like the silver vase as an element of interest, though I would like to balance this arrangement out for more interest.

There's something retro about the above image. Notice the colour coordination and deliberate stacking of books imperfectly to give a casual feel.

Above: Bold, unexpected and interesting with some colourful textiles thrown in!

Lots of books pile up to form a side table here - again, with some art. This is also a good, attractive storage solution. Just pile up books attractively in empty spaces - low piles under a table in your entryway or living room, by the window, or a few piles of varying heights with decorative objects such as lamps or a picture frame placed on top.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes...Art and beautiful objects...and books. All of the important things!

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Particularly your memories of your grandmothers village.
I'm going to add you to my "Blogs I love" section. I'll be back. For sure!

Shana said...


Thank you Linda!

I look forward to your visits!