Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a thought.

Cease forever questioning, it obscures your answer.


Tahir Qazi said...
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Shana said...

I am sorry, but I checked, and me or my family do not know you,and as you are a stranger to me, I would not like to be in contact.

Tahir Qazi said...

sallamualikum i am realy sorry that you felt that way my grand father,s name was Hakeem Sad Noor and your grand mother was realy our phupho if you ask your mum we just lived behind the Haveli And your mums grand father was also my grand father,s Elder brother if you go awan sharif next time you are going to find graves of my dad and his brothers are still there and the thing your mum don,t know me i can understand that because only person we had contact was your grandmother .Our phupho Razia when you go on the roof of haveli on the north side small house we lived there .
And i am saying Again i was not desperate to have any contact but when you mentioned about your nano then i thought your mum might know us all that,s fine to me good luck and god bless Again i would say my father was Qazi Imtiaz Mehmood who was son of QAZI Sad noor Qazi Mehboob Alim sahib was eldest brother of my grand dad i am living in london with my family father of two beautiful kids just seen your blog and told kids this is your cousin Allah Hafiz