Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogger thinks I'm lasagna tonight. Actually I'm your cat

So this is really silly and I know it.
It's also supposed to be a picture of me.
I kind of freeze when it comes to putting up my own picture here.
I know its important for you to see me so that you know I'm not a terrorist, nor a cat, nor a plane, or your kitchen faucet secretly coming to life and having a blog of its own.
But it's also important for me to know you're not someone who looks at my picture and says
'I kille you!
So you see, for tonight I'm this lasagna I once made for some friends, and then after they left, I put a flower behind it and tried to make it look all like food does in glossy photos that makes you glaze over and say
'I adore you'
to food.

Anyway, if you happen to be all nice and have your own pic on your blog, and for some reason really think I may be your kitchen sink, or your cat, or  a terrorist, or all of these, send me a line. I'll know to keep the lasagna pic!