Thursday, April 29, 2010

Multi Tasking is Over rated and These are images of Ronaldo's images and a polar bear too.

This is probably the closest to being the best example of the kind of multi tasking I can do, because I generally don't think I'm very good at it and I think multi tasking is way over rated. And since I'm probably the only one who thinks this in the current paradigm our corporate world is slavishly honoring, I think I could make myself an expert on the complete opposite belief - 'Multi Tasking is Over Rated and You Don't Need Dr Phil if You Think You Should Only Do the Work You're Doing While Doing the Work You're Doing'

Which is completely irrelevant to what this is.
Yes, this is Ronaldo.
Can you spot the double image?
There are two images here. I just recorded them, I didnt see him in person.
There I spoiled it. I tend to over explain things, like explaining my explanation only so that you will get it. I realized this when I was 16 and a teacher observed I REALLY explained things as if I felt the other person couldnt understand. I think I'm still doing it.

The above image should freak yoh out. Look for her.

Yes this is a polar bear. I dont know if its real. I think its animated. Somehow I feel like telling you I said to it before clicking ' Go Aaah. Nice bear.' But I didnt. I was watching a movie late at night, and decided to take pictures in slow exposure. Meaning I let the camera record for a couple of seconds and these are the resulting images. Interesting experiment but not one I am too interested in after the results. I also started missing out the dialogues in the movie I was watching, so theres my multi tasking for you.

Yes, Thats Ronaldo. He was in this Ad. I coloured it. :P