Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New blog on my shelf..!

I had come across this blog before, and the name caught my attention.. 'High heeled foot in the door' .

I like how it portrays an honest and witty account of the author trying to get her foot into the design industry. It's not much fun or guidance reading how mega successful people use their mega successes to launch yet another mega success.. Entrepreneur success stories are always a fun and fascinating and oft inspiring read for me, and this is somehow a firsthand current account of someone's journey. Okay, so for reasons related to her 'Martha Rules' posts, I found myself trying to take out time to read them on her blog today, and when you pick up a blog or book repeatedly to finish what you were reading, then it's up there on your shelf.. for as long as youre into it at least.


Tahir Qazi said...

sallamualaikum ! i posted the massege before on the other page my name is Tahir Mehmmod i am nephew of your Nano my father,s name is Imtiaz Mehmood yourt nano was our Phupho Razia if i am not wrong i am living in uk at the moment my regards to everyone hope to get reply take care i am on facebook as tahir mehmood and my email is Allahhafiz

Anonymous said...

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