Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fave From Stylists

Featuring : Jenni Booth.
I was led to her work when reading an interview of Pia Jane Bijkerk. Pia started her career assisting this stylist, and credits her with what she learned, so naturally I wanted to see Jenni's work.
This is my favourite picture from her portfolio.
As far as the aesthetically inclined oxygen molecules in me go; this took my breath away. Just for a fraction of a second, while I forgot to worry about getting on that plane and demanding it take to me to the Maldives for my lunch hour. Elegant, fancy, oh so up my alley, that look!
I have a regular,old black trunk in my bedroom that I love to keep. Some people suggested I get it out of there. But I just like it.
But I may just polish the brass on it now. And drag it to Lahore Airport and ask to have my picture taken with my trunk, here, like that….


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah yes, the Maldives for luncheon. Sounds quite perfect to me!